This is the motto of my new school: Yuan ze University. It was created in 1989 by Wang Guoming. It's one of the youngest university in Asia. The president of this private it's the Doctor Peng Zongping. There is more than 10000 students in Yuan ze who came here to afford their master. The university is located in Taoyuan, near Taipei, like approximatly 40 Km. 


    Yuan ze is a huge university, it look like a classical U.S university. there are 7 Buildings with different types of master in it ( Buissness, ingeneering...) One sport building, a parc, a baseball court and a library. It's like a little city inside the campus, with shops, food court and many other services.

    There are a lot of activities on the campus, like exhibition, events, shows all the time. Thanks to the many associations or club established in the campus. Actually i belong to the student exchange group. It's great thing because you can meet a lot of people from all around the world. Also, the association make a lot of activities for us.

    I have five differents courses Chineese and Buisness.  Actually I'm not just with exchange students in class, there is also a lot of taiwainesse people to. The education system is way different than the french one. Firstable the lesson are much more practical than technical. We speak a lot with the teacher and the students. I mean, the processus to learn something is way different, the teacher use other tools than simple lesson sheet to teach, it's more playful. But sometimes it feel like we're totally out with the topics.

    Also the taiwanese educational system is less strict, indeed students enjoy more freedom. They can come at any time they wan't in the class room, they can speak, eat or doing any thing else. I think it's because there's a real trust relationship between students and teachers, with a real interaction between them sometimes personal exchanges.

    Actually, Yuan ze is way different than ESDES. Wether at the level of the education system, or student life. And that's why it make Yuan Ze so special, interesting and pleasent.

    Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence (My university: Yuan Ze University)


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  • Where it all begin

    3 weeks already passed since i arrived in Taipei city. My first survey of Taipei was in the taxi to take me to my hotel. The city was the exaclty opposite of what i expceted. There is a lot of building who look like french suburban building, and the streets are very clean but their walls are very dammaged. Actually the city is not very pretty... there is just a few places like the 101 area who look very beautiful and modern. The positive point is that there are a lot of parc and green areas.

    But actually it s not the matter because the Taipei city vibe is so incredible. It juste take me 1 or 2 days to realize that. The city never sleep there are always people in the streets, you can eat or do some shopping  or find evreything at anytime you want. There always something to do. The culture is way different than the french way of life but its very inetresting. Also the taiwaneese fodd is so delicious. But the best part is the taipei citizen. they are the kindest people i have evere seen. Everyone of them help us when we asking them for something, at least they do the much as they can ( Because a lot of them only speak chineese) They are very open minded and friendly, i always meet someone when i hanging out in the city. Taipei citizen are also very respectful, i understand why Taiwan is the safest country in the world. Finally Taipei is a very pleasant and interresting city.

    We have planed a lot of things to do for the next months it is gonna be very fun !!!


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