The taiwainese culture and way of life is way different than  ours. Let me show you some socials rituals in taiwan who are really interesting.

    From a global point of view, the taiwanese life is quite different. They seem very relax and take their time to do their things. It's not a stressful city at all. They go to work from 9am to 5pm, and then they go eating (outside) very early (6-7pm) and go to sleep at 10pm.



    Let's talk about the 2 most famous events in Taiwan.

    The first one the Chinese new year eve. More a popular event than a religious event, everybody celebrate the chinese new year in Taiwan. It's based on the chinese lunar calendar and every year is assimilate to an animal, this year is the goat.




    In a first place, i was thinking that the Chinese new year was a huge party with dragon, people in the street and a lot of fireworks. But when i arrived in Taipei it was the chinese new year and the city seems to be a ghost city... And for good reason, because taiwanese people celebrate the Chinese new year eve with their family member, with a big diner (kind of our christmas). They are all dressed in red and meet all their entourage during the week to celebrate. You can ear firecrackers during this events everywhere in the city, they doing this to chase a brutal beast legend called Nian who (refer to the legend) attack people during the Chinese new year.


    TAIWAINESE SOCIAL RITUALS  A typical family dinner during the Chinese new year.


    The second one is the national day, called the double tenth day.

    Every 10th of October, the Taiwanese government and the taiwanese citizen celebrate the birth of taiwan and commemorate the 1911 Wuchang uprising. They celebrate this with a huge military parade in Taipei. And then the taiwanese president make a speech in front of the military troops.


    TAIWAINESE SOCIAL RITUALS  A military parade during the national day



    Now let's talk about religion, Taiwan is a real religious melting pot. There's some Christian, Buddhist, Tacist,Taoist, and many more.

    There's no big religious events in Taiwan because of this huge diversity. However, you can find a lot of beautiful temple all around the country. They are made in order to pray and also make some religious sacrifices by given some fruits. The biggest temple of the city are  impressive because it's really crowded all the time. Prayers sing together and left some offerings to their different gods and also burning some stick enscens for them. Sometimes you can see taiwanese doing the same thing in front of of their shop in the street with a little religious hostel.



    Longshan temple, Taipei. With prayers, and fruit presents on the left side .


    Taiwanese people are very superstitious. They do a lot of little rituals to ward off the "evil spirits" that they deeply believe in.

    For example, the number 4 here is considerate like a unlucky number. This may seem trivial, but in Taipei this superstition is taken very seriously. There's no number in the elevator or if there is one, nobody want's to live at this floor. They give the 4th floor appartments to foreigners ( we live on the 4th floor...) Also, when a person die in an apartment, the price is divided per 2. Because taiwanese think that the dead person spirits is still wander in the flat. And most of the time the apartment is never rented again.


    TAIWAINESE SOCIAL RITUALS  Where is the number 4 ??!




    Finally i wan't to speak about a really funny social ritual in the taiwainese business tradition. It's the karaoke, here it's called KTV. 

    KTV's are mostly based on huge buildings in Taipei. It's like booking a room in a hotel. You go arrived at the front desk ask for a KTV room, you can order drink, food and of course, sing on different songs.

    In the taiwanese business culture. After signing a very important contract with your clients, you bring them tho KTV to celebrate this. It's very funny because when i arrived in a KTV in a first place i see a lot of adults with suit who look very serious it was kind of surprising. I think it's a very good idea to doing this thing for business, because you create a very good atmosphere with you're clients, it brings strong relationship that can be very useful for future businesses with them.





     Partyworld KTV building, Taipei

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