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    I can't have a taiwanese blog without speaking about the 7-eleven stores.

    7-11 is an international chain of convenience stores that operates primarily as an franchise. It was founded in 1927, by John Jefferson Green in Dallas,Texas. He began with a litle convenient store, selling eggs, milk and bread. Now 7-11 got franchise all over the world with 53000 locations, it employed more than 45000 people, and worth approximately 85 billion dollars.


     Taiwan has the world's fith-largest number of 7 eleven convenience stores after Japan, United States, Thailand and South Korea. Since the first stored opened in 1979, 5500 new 7-11 stores opened in Taiwan.

    Actually in Taiwan, the 7-11 are always opened, 24/7. An it's impressive to see how many there are. In some area you can find  7-11 like every 30 meters ! There are like a second house. Indeed in every 7-11 you will find; an ATM, coffee shop,  some food, a printer, dining tables, microwave and all the little convenience you can find in a french grocery.

    You can find everything you wan't at anytime you wan't in those stores. And i think there is so much 7-11 in Taiwan because of the taiwanese appartement which are really small, and not well furnished as a classic french one. In Taipei for exemple, every citizen "live in the street" they just go home to sleep. All the rest of the time they are outside. I've never speak to a taiwanese who told me that he cook at home. The consideration of their home is way different than ours, not as strong as the french people.

    And that's why taiwanese people really need that kind of store to do all the things that they can't do at home. And actually, it make the 7-11 stores a really helpful and lively place.

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